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Our Consultancy Approach to help organizations getting ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certification:

QHSE (Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety) management systems have emerged to be a key success factor in the integrity and survival of organizations of all kinds.

The implementation of such a system will create a QHSE Culture at all company levels and ensures all personnel commitment towards QHSE through their participation in establishing and maintaining the Management System in place.

 Our Approach for QHSE System consultancy encompasses the following phases:

  1. Gap Analysis
  2. Risk Assessment (For HSE)
  3. Documentation Phase
  4. Training Phase
  5. Implementation Phase
  6. Assistance During Certification Phase

Our Approach for building and implementing Total Quality Management and Excellence Models:

 What is Total Quality Management about?

Total Quality Management (TQM) was a culture change initiative introduced into the western world in the mid to late 1980's. The stimulus came from two directions: the remarkable post-war success by the Japanese manufacturers in producing goods of world-class quality and a book called "Quality is Free" by Philip Crosby. This book and the attendant consulting company that Crosby formed appeared to explain how the Japanese did it and which contained a recipe that, if followed, could allow western companies to achieve the same. Unfortunately, many companies found that the approach didn't work for them and they considered it to have been an expensive mistake. There is no question that Crosby's formula contained some good ideas but, on closer scrutiny, they were little more than exhortations demanding that people achieve "Zero Defects" and getting it "Right First Time".

Later people became aware of the far deeper concepts of Deming which brought theory into the equation. Moreover, people realised that TQM was not the same as the Japanese Total Quality Control (TQC) which was actually all about controlling and improving processes using statistical methods.

 Our Approach:

The PMCI approach addresses both the theoretical aspects as well as the methods part of the equation. Our consultancy and training is firmly established on Deming principles including:

  1. Performance comes from the system, not from asking people to try harder.
  2. Knowledge of variation and Process Behaviour Charts is the cornerstone of understanding and using data for improvement.
  3. Improvement comes from working with the system and the studied use of simple but powerful methods.
  4. We can only improve the system with the help of the people in the system.